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audio codec in title

Vinyl Audio Codec This driver supports all VIA southbridges with integrated sound.div3 fourcc
Size: 6.95MB
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windows xp audio file explore toshiba satellite drivers  
Audio Codec Sample Audio Codec Sample demonstrates how to create audio codec using DirectX technology
Size: 98 KB
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audio Codec audio codec directx search codec codec library  
Crystal Audio Codec MEDIA driver
Size: 4.2MB
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DivX MPEG4 Audio Codec DivX MPEG-4 Audio Codec 4.02 Some movies are created with WMA sound format which is unrecognizable by the mp3 codecs of DivX...
Size: 172 KB
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sound codec mpeg codec DivX Codec MPEG-4 Codec MPEG-2 Codec  
TTA Lossless Audio Codec Lossless compressor for multichannel 8,16 and 24 bits audio data.
Size: 25 KB
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audio Codec compression audio codec audio compressor  
Realtek HD Audio Codec Realtek HD Audio Codec R2.36
Size: 30.00MB
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File Lock realtek ac97 audio file explore play audio songs  

audio codec in tags

Cole2k Media Codec Pack Standard A set of media codecs for video and audio encoding and decoding
Size: 8.3 MB
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filter Codec pack Codec Pack video codec audio codec filetr  
Night_Raven Codec Essentials A codec pack supporting only the most basic formats - the minimum needed for viewing standard and distributed films
Size: 3.9 MB
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Codec pack DivX Codec Pack video codec audio codec  
Media Player Codec Pack Lite This lite codec pack for video and audio playback was created to allow you to fully enjoy your multimedia files.
Size: 6.5 MB
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Encoder filter Codec Codec Pack video codec audio codec  
IPP Codecs Audio/Video codecs plugin for Opal
Size: 44.7 MB
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audio encode Codec Video Plugin video codec audio codec  
Lame123 Lame123 is a simple GUI for L.A.M.E
Size: 7 KB
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audio lame PDF gui audio codec GUI for LAME  
Ogg123 Ogg123 is a simple GUI for Ogg Vorbis
Size: 561 KB
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audio OGG ogg vorbis audio codec vorbis True Audio codec  

audio codec in description

MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder Edit By This codec enables Playback of files encoded in the ever so popular MP3 music or audio files format. Special Features of this codec: Audio Codec Tag 55 may be requested when Fraunhofer MPEG La...
Size: 227KB
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rar to mp3 nokia mp3 player windows xp audio ../hdaqfe/Readme.txt This package supports the following driver models:SigmaTel High Definition audio Codec STAC9200 SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec STAC9220 SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec ...
Size: 5.25MB
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AfreecodecVT AfreecodecVT is a simple tool that will easily determine the audio and Video codec required to view your video. Once the codec or problem is determined; you may easily search for the codec or tool to ...
Size: 2.78MB
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Video Codec clip video codec search codec codec library ../EQ-7000/Readme.txt .../DUTCH/Readme.txt .../ENGLISH/Readme.txt .../FRENCH/Readme.txt .../GERMAN/Readme.txt This package supports the following driver models:[ul][li]Crystal PnP audio-systeem CODEC[...
Size: 1.81MB
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Codec for Windows 8.3e 0 CoreAAC audio Decoder rev.3 AC3Filter 1.51a Fraunhoffer IIS Mpeg Layer-3 ACM Codec MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder Ogg Vorbis 1.1 Ogg Vorbis DirectShow Filter Decoder ...
Size: 4.5 MB
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Codec Pack multimedia pack multimedia codecs From Acer: This package supports the following driver models:Crystal PnP audio System CODEC Crystal PnP Audio System CODEC (Needs Reboot) Crystal PnP Audio System Joystick Crystal PnP Audio System Con...
Size: 727.54K
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