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audio widget in title

To Do Widget The To Do Widget widget for Opera browser allows you to manage a task list
Size: 306 KB
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Widget manager task opera widget Task Manager Sears widget  
Q-Widget This widget allows you to conenct and listen to Q Radio
Size: 92.41K
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stream radio streaming live streaming Radio Station  
V-Widget V-Widget keeps you informed with the latest news from
Size: 60.32K
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viewer view news reader news news viewer  
Look It Up! Widget This Yahoo Widget will allow you to lookup words using Google
Size: 85 KB
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Yahoo Widget search find Lookup google search word lookup  
Woot widget View daily woot information from on your desktop.
Size: 55.57K
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monitor woot items watcher  
CEI Widget CEI Widget is a small widget that provides you with various informations about HIV cases in New York.
Size: 221 KB
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information AIDS  

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Anchorman This yahoo widget plays random quotes from the Anchorman movie.
Size: 2.04MB
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audio filter find quote quote player audio widget  
Japanese Drum Japanese Drum for Festivals
Size: 37 KB
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Drum opera widget Japan audio widget Pagan Festivals  
MyTune This Widget will let you control your iTunes player in a more simplistic way
Size: 346 KB
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Yahoo Widget iTunes song control audio widget  
Widget Media Player This widget is a simple media player that allows you to play your favorite music.
Size: 180 KB
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audio play player audio player music player audio widget  
iJam This widget lets you to play the drums over your favorite song
Size: 576 KB
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play sound Drum audio widget play song drums play drums  
HAL9000 This Widget will add to your computer's desktop an animation of HAL9000 that will also speak
Size: 1.1 MB
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Yahoo Widget audio speech desktop animation animation  

audio widget in description

Widget Converter Are you a widget developer? Do different Widget formats have you down? This Widget will end your misery. Widget Converter is a great tool that will take a Widget which runs in the Yahoo! Widget Engine
Size: 1.24MB
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Widget convert format widgets collection widgets  
Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking widget is yet another audio widget. You just have to click on the character and you will hear random quotes spoken by the Microsoft Computer voice. [b]Requirements:[/b] · Yahoo Wi...
Size: 57 KB
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displayer yahoo quotes stephen wolfram Spoken Quotes Widget  
BBC 1Xtra Live ram file to stream the audio is stored inside the Widget. The UI style used on the Widget is inspired by Aero from the Windows Vista developer betas. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Yahoo! Widget Engine
Size: 38 KB
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stream radio streaming live streaming Radio Station  
Audio Player An audio player that won't obstruct the desktop windows or crowd the task bar. It can a single audio...Click on the Windows logo on the widget to start! [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Yahoo! Widget Engine
Size: 1.31MB
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audio play player Audio Playback Playback MP3 Player  
Widget Launcher Inspired by the "widget Control Center" by Josh Gerdes, this Widget allows you to view the list of all available Widgets in the specified "My Widgets" directory. If a Widget name is clicked, the Widge
Size: 80.62K
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Widget manage manager folder view list displayer  
99Rock Once you open the Widget, click on the 99 Rock logo to start streaming audio. To see a list of last songs played click the "Home" icon....Enjoy! (This Widget is based off John Hinds "Radio One" Widget...
Size: 102.2K
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stream radio live streaming Radio Station Rock